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Typically, along with the kitchen, a quality bathroom is typically high up on the list of buyers ‘must-haves’. If your current bathroom is looking a little dated, or perhaps you’re looking to spruce up your home in preparation to put it on the market, a bathroom remodel or installation is a great place to spend your budget, to help set your property apart from others.

At Bristol Group Services, we have the skills and expertise to help you add value to your property. If you’re looking for a bathroom installer in Bristol, and would like more information, get in touch today and let us help make your dream bathroom a reality.

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    8 Essential Tips for Successful Bathroom Installations

    What is worse than the effort you’re going through to renovate a bathroom? The realisation that you did something wrong. And yes it’s possible with something as simple as this.

    We’re not talking about plumbing disasters only although that is an important aspect you must consider throughout the project. A bathroom project can also have many other (unfortunate) outcomes:

    • A small mistake in a bathroom can cause future home buyers to dislike the home. Why? Because it’s one of the most used rooms in a house and people don’t want to look at a cracked tile every day.
    • The moment water is involved you open the door to problems that even include safety issues.
    • Bathrooms are often small areas, and expert interior decorating in such spaces are crucial to prevent it feeling cramped.

    Is that enough motivation to trust experts and read the rest of this article?

    Research the Latest Trends

    We’re not only talking about décor trends. They can make your space be aesthetically pleasing, but those trends change. However, any bathroom fitting company will tell you that some trends turned into very practical options. And when a trend is practical, it’s bound to stay around for a long time.

    Why does this matter to you? Because one day you may want to sell your home. If the bathroom fitting company installed modern amenities such as rain showerheads your potential buyers will love the room.

    DIY Works—Sometimes

    How many DIY projects have you done? I would advise you not to try doing a bathroom as your first because it can require some skill:

    • Floors need to be angled correctly for water to drain away.
    • Tiling requires skill if you don’t want them to crack. A bathroom’s heat will cause them to expand and shrink which need to be compensated for.
    • Plumbing is no easy thing so an expert bathroom fitter must be on your payroll.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with painting or work alongside the bathroom remodeler to learn a new skill or two.

    Plan Plumbing First

    So let’s discuss plumbing. Everything in your bathroom must be connected to pipes so you can’t leave this as an afterthought.

    And here’s a scenario that has happened too often even with expert bathroom installation contractors: Installing the pipes after the other components and realising you need to cut holes through beautiful tiles, cladding or cupboards.

    This often happens when teams or team members don’t communicate well enough. It’s better to employ a bathroom installation company who can oversee everything than trusting individual bathroom builders who don’t know how to coordinate their tasks with each other.

    Have You Considered a Wet Room?

    You’re probably going to ask the obvious question: Why?

    Firstly, if you’re wondering, a wet room is a shower area—no bath—with no definite shower screen or door. This is another new trend with excellent benefits that turned it into a popular feature in modern homes:

    • Because there’s no shower door or bath, the space can be optimized by a wet room installer
    • It’s much easier to keep hygienic because there’s no step or barrier that can trap dirt
    • It’s super stylish, and the modern home owner will be willing to pay more for spaces containing these

    Here’s my favourite reason for employing a wet room builder: These spaces are more user-friendly for people in wheelchairs since there are fewer obstacles. It makes them ideal for old age homes but why not have one at your home too? You never know who visits you or will be interested in purchasing your home. Such a feature can be an excellent selling point so paying a wet room fitter is an investment rather than an expense.

    Keep it Safe

    You may find the perfect tile in exactly the hue you want. But will it really work once installed in a bathroom?

    A bathroom installer knows the floor should be safe to walk on—slip resistant—even when it’s wet. It’s unavoidable to have water on the floor in a bathroom, and it’s your responsibility to ensure your kids & visitors are safe.

    You’ll find tiles that will suffice, but you can also consider some vinyl or laminated options that are known to be waterproof and less slippery.

    Make Small Rooms Bigger

    Who will you trust with the interior design? You don’t want to walk into your new bathroom after the bathroom fitting service left wishing you could call them back for a do-over.

    If you want to prevent that heed these words:

    • Use light colours so the small space won’t let you feel claustrophobic
    • Add some mirrors to give the illusion of more space
    • Try not to have horizontal lines running across the walls; it will seem as if the walls are closing in on you
    • Small tiles can make small rooms feel even smaller

    It’s as simple as following a few designing rules but if you don’t know the rules call in a bathroom contractor for advice.

    Should You Go High Tech?

    This may not matter to you but who will buy the house one day? In the current technologically advanced era home owners must try and add high tech features whenever renovations are due. It will boost your home’s value and perhaps you’ll love the result more than you know.

    What about:

    • Automated lighting or blinds
    • A TV monitor behind glass to watch shows while you bath
    • Create atmosphere with different light settings

    Can You See What You’re Doing?

    That last item brings us to one of the most important aspects of your project: The lights.

    I’m going to list the most important features, and then you can start planning and shopping for your bathroom:

    • A light fitting is a perfect way to make a stylish statement without cluttering the room.
    • Your roof light may not be positioned correctly to provide adequate light at the mirror. Test this before the installation starts so you can install wiring leading to that part of the room.
    • The modern home owner wants LED lighting so make sure you install the right fittings.

    Are you ready to start your bathroom remodel or installation project?

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