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If you own a commercial property, you’ve probably got bigger things to worry about than the day to day maintenance of your building. It’s important that you can hand off your maintenance issues to a company that you can trust.

At Bristol Group Services, we have the skills and expertise to help keep your commercial properties in tip-top condition. If you need property maintenance services in Bristol and would like more information about our commercial property maintenance services, get in touch today.

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    The Handy Checklist for Easier Commercial Property Maintenance

    You can learn through trial and error, or you can get it right from the very start. The latter is possible if you take a moment and gather some insight from experts in the field.

    That’s exactly what this article is for. We put together vital information regarding commercial building maintenance as reported by those in the know.

    If this is part of your job description all you need to do is draw up your checklist from the relevant topics below. Then go out and get it right with a little less effort than before.

    Keep the Season in Mind

    First off you need to realize that every day won’t be the same. Get ready to evolve your to-do list as the year progresses:

    • In spring you need to prepare the garden so there will be flowers in summer; get ready for a lot of planting.
    • Spring is also the time you assess the entire area for damage brought on by the cold of winter.
    • In the fall you may need to wrap up some pipes and trees to protect them from winter’s cold.
    • If you normally have dry summers you need to use this season to paint and fix the roof.

    You’ll be busy making sure the buildings are in top condition but don’t forget to look after the exterior and garden too. These are vital to maintaining your property’s value. Whether the property is used for business or housing, a garden can either attract people or put them off completely.

    Don’t ever let the garden be the reason you don’t have clients.

    Now we’re going to take maintenance from the bottom up.

    Start at the Foundation

    Here’s the prime reason for employing a commercial property maintenance company that can help in times of crisis. The excessive weight of your building rests on the foundation. This needs to be in top condition if you don’t want to incur damages later on.

    During regular inspections of the premises you must look for tell tale signs of damage:

    • Cracks in the walls
    • Doors that suddenly stick instead of opening freely like before
    • Uneven flooring
    • Window frames that exhibit gaps where there were none previously


    Changes must alert you to shifts in the building. You don’t want this type of problem to get worse so get the help of a commercial property builder.

    Move on to Doors & Windows

    It may seem a time-consuming task, but you need to test all your doors and windows regularly. Above you already saw that a problem with them could alert you to other challenges.

    But also, in general, their functionality is vital:

    • If a door can’t open or close it affects the security of the property.
    • A broken window could alert you to a recent break-in that nobody noticed. However, if you don’t know whether the window was broken last week, it becomes difficult to track down the culprit or determine when it happened.
    • Broken windows affect air flow, and you could be wasting energy on air conditioning that’s not necessary.
    • If you have tenants, it’s probably stated in contracts that doors and windows must be kept in working condition. The longer you leave something that malfunctions, the more it will cost to repair it.

    Can you see why certain things on your to-do list must be done regularly if not daily or weekly?

    On and Inside the Walls

    Part of commercial building management is ensuring the functionality of a building. Here you need to check everything:

    • Fire safety
    • Electrical wiring
    • Plumbing
    • Air conditioning
    • Look for a crack in walls

    Commercial property maintenance services can help you find the source of a problem if you find anything out of place. But let’s discuss a maintenance responsibility that can actually be fun so you’ll want to do this yourself.

    You may have a security company that monitors your security alerts but never assume that everything is in place.

    • Check all components of your security system. Apart from the panel’s lights flashing must make sure each part is clean. Something as small as a spider and its web could affect some sensors.
    • Does the contract include that the security company will send out guards if an alarm is triggered? Then test it. Let them know you will be doing tests on a certain day. Trigger an alarm and now monitor:
      • Does the security company follow protocols?
      • How long do they take to arrive?

    Who doesn’t want the excitement of those flashing lights arriving on site? As a bonus, everyone using your property will feel a little bit safer knowing the system works.

    When it comes to commercial building maintenance, it’s all about prevention. Don’t realise your system is faulty on the night of the break-in. It’s your responsibility to stop it from ever happening.

    Now Look Up

    Your responsibility stretches up all the way to the top. Is your roof showing any signs of deterioration?

    While it’s advisable to do this two times a year you may want to check it more regularly especially after a storm. And it’s not only on the outside that you need to check for cracks, holes or growing moss. Do you realise how your structure can deteriorate if rot sets in on the inside? So climb those ladders onto the roof but also into the attic.

    The Embarrassing Truth: Do You Have Pests?

    No one wants to admit that this is a possibility but you can’t live in denial. In most scenarios, there are strict guidelines about the necessity of maintaining hygiene. And here’s the truth about pests: The longer they’re there, the more difficult it is to get rid of them.

    Rather stop living in denial, always be on the lookout for them and stop the problem before it turns into a crisis. This isn’t only about hygiene but about how these pests can damage your building and assets:

    • Rodents can gnaw away at the building
    • Woodworm can ruin the wood
    • Roaches and other bugs can destroy merchandise in warehouses


    Do you feel daunted? Don’t be. If you’re pessimistic, you’ll expect the worst. But throw some optimism into the equation, and you’ll realise all these tasks will help you manage the property, so you never have to face the worst. You’ll always be one step ahead.

    Are you ready to find a company to handle your commercial property maintenance?

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