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If you’re looking to add value to your property, one of the best possible ways is to add additional space by extending your current property.

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    The Smart Way to Build Extensions—6 Tips from Expert Contractors

    It seems like the ideal family project but be warned: Extending your home is not for the faint-hearted.

    We’re not trying to scare you off. After all, it’s one of the best ways to upgrade your home and increase its value. But for the impulsive at heart, it will be best to take it slow if you want to love the final product.

    So below you’ll find the best advice you’ll get from your local home extension contractor. When you add an extension to your home with the help of the experts, you can’t go wrong.

    First Thoughts: Is it a Smart Idea?

    When you talk to your friends about your house extension plans, you may run into some unique opinions. Some may ask why you don’t simply move to a different house.

    Rest assured that you’re doing the right thing. When you look at the value you’ll add to your current property it can often be a very worthwhile investment. And you won’t realize the problems of the new house until you’ve lived there a while. That may call for another renovation project.

    You’re also limiting the effort in finding the ideal living space. Who really likes moving? If you know what you want, simply build it.

    So let’s get your house extension started the right way.

    Tips to Guide You

    Fine Tune Your Plan

    Are you doing this by yourself or will you have a home extension company with you all the way? These experts will tell you the more time you spend on planning, the better your return on investment.

    What Are Your Goals?

    Some adventurous homeowners simply start breaking down and building, but have you considered all your options yet? Perhaps you’re used to seeing friends extend their rooms. What about building a second storey as a more appropriate alternative?

    Creating a view adds value to the home and second stories often look picturesque. This empowers you to create even more space than you thought possible especially if there isn’t much space left between your home and the boundary walls.

    Will You Have to Move Out?

    From the start, you must consider all costs and logistical challenges. Building projects lead to frustration if you don’t have a realistic expectation of what’s to come.

    If you’re planning a large-scale kitchen extension, you may have to move out for a while so your family can at least live comfortably while work gets done.

    How Long Will this Take?

    You also need to consider your timelines:

    • A simple change or building one extra room can take up to six weeks.
    • Large renovations combined with an extension can require up to six months.

    Don’t plan to build into the rainy season because it will take even longer during those months.

    Talk to the Neighbors

    Perhaps you’re avoiding the neighbours already because you’re too scared of what they’ll say about your plans. Your apprehension may be valid especially if you’re planning a second story extension. They may not like you looking down on them from above. Or are you worried about legal implications?

    Be prepared for your neighbours lodging complaints if you don’t discuss your changes with them beforehand. Their power in such a situation usually depends on how the local government enforces regulations, but it could mean your plans won’t be approved. In certai,n areas, residents also have a ‘right to light’ so you should try not to block the light entering through their windows.

    However, the more important reason to discuss your plans with them is quality of life. Do you really want to anger your neighbors if it’s possible to find a compromise? It could lead to years of tension between you and the community.

    Remember the Legal Part

    When you’re ready with your plans you must include the experts to keep it legal. You can’t simply start building because certain structures—even extensions—require assistance from registered architects or at least a draughtsperson so the plans can be approved.

    Check with your local council planning department about the requirements in your area.

    How to Keep it Budget Friendly

    Let’s make sure you’re as excited about the extension when you’re done as you are now while planning it. High on your priority list should be managing your budget.

    Firstly don’t forget to add demolition costs to your equation. This often makes up a large part of the house extension cost. You may need experts apart from extension builders to help demolish and get rid of rubble:

    • Carpenters to safely demolish walls
    • Plumbers to remove or relocate plumbing
    • Experts to remove harmful items such as asbestos

    Luckily there are ways of minimizing your expenses by following some tips only the experts know of:

    • If you’re prepared—and have the time—to liaise with government and architects you can handle the role of building contractor yourself.
    • Request a party wall agreement waiver yourself instead of sending a lawyer to your neighbours.
    • Only use vetted workers to prevent faulty work.
    • Pay for work only after it’s done, so no one disappears with your money before completing the project.
    • See what you can reuse after demolition or purchase salvaged materials.
    • Sell your rubble such as floorboards or furniture that you know you won’t use anymore.

    Don’t Block Out the Light

    If you’re caught between two different décor or building options, always go with allowing more light into the room:

    • It adds value to the home
    • You’ll need less artificial lighting
    • It will make the space seem bigger even if you only add a compact single story extension

    This approach can turn your small renovation project into a conservatory extension which may well become the most favourite room in the house.

    Last Tip: Don’t Settle for the Ordinary—Add Some Character

    Without the experience you won’t know how one unique feature could transform a home’s entire character. Instead of simply building a second story, why not let it create a slight overhang? That uniqueness will catch someone’s eye and become the selling point if you ever need to move.

    These small details turn building an extension into creating a masterpiece.

    Are you ready to start your next home extension project?

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