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If a loft conversion isn’t a suitable option for your property, but you would still like an opportunity to add space and increase the value of your home, a garage conversion could be the perfect solution.

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    Garage Conversions Can be Glamorous—4 Ideas

    What do you see when you imagine your garage conversion is finally done and dusted? Does your imagination allow for some style and flair or do you believe it’s going to be a second-grade space on your property?

    Let us prove to you that your garage can be just as fashionable and attractive as your entrance hall that’s designed to ‘wow’ your visitors.

    But first things first.

    Read This Before You Start

    Yes to convert a garage into a room is not the same as erecting a new building but that doesn’t mean you can do as you please. As with any construction project you need to think of the logistics before you get started. Here are simply a few examples of what you may need to consider:

    • If your single garage conversion includes an extension project, you’ll need planning permission.
    • Garages turned into business spaces require special permission.
    • If your garage conversion affects available parking, you may run into some legal hurdles.
    • When you’re attempting a detached garage conversion, and you want to make it into a habitable space you may need to register the change of use.

    This also means you’ll have to partner with a professional such as a garage conversion contractor even if you plan a DIY project. These pros will have to check the work you do and ensure it’s up to standard.

    This may affect how much you decide to change, and another important factor is the budget.

    What Affects Your Costs?

    I advise you to draw up a spreadsheet and note every possible expense you can think of. Once you’ve booked that garage conversion company, the costs can quickly pile up, and if you didn’t plan well enough, you might be forced to stop halfway through.

    Here are a few aspects you may not have considered yet:

    • The condition of the current structure. Does it need stabilising or repairs?
    • Is it worth doing a conversion if it will lower the overall value of your home? Do you realise what a luxury parking is these days?

    If the garage conversion cost still allows your plan to be realized—in a glamorous fashion of course—please continue reading.

    Your Guide to Glamorous Garage Space

    So now let’s make the most of your garage conversion plans. If you do it right from the start, this could turn out to be your favourite place on your property. But each component matter so I hope you can do all of these.

    Look Up—What do You See?

    Next up is the roof. You can’t ignore this part for two reasons:

    • A garage often has a simple roof since temperature isn’t a high priority; home owners want to keep costs low. Practically your converted space won’t be very user-friendly if it’s not insulated.
    • The plain roof won’t have much aesthetic value, but with a few features it can transform the overall look so you won’t need much other décor:
      • Use wooden beams for a timeless look.
      • Add a skylight so you’ll need fewer lights during the day which helps you save on energy costs
      • Give it a high roof to create the illusion of more space. This could also create storage space so you won’t need to extend the room as much as you thought.

    See? With smart planning and some design tips, you can save yourself money in the long run. And above all, it will look fabulous.

    Fix Your Floor Problems This Way

    You also need to look down at the floor and ensure it aligns with glamour design features:

    • Is the floor level?
    • Is it insulated or can you add some warmth to the room by adding additional layers? Yes, insulation is part of glamorous living.
    • Will concrete flooring suffice or is this the perfect way to add some flair to the room:
      • Laminated flooring
      • A thick carpet
      • Stunning tiles

    For turning your garage into a living area, you’ll have to change the floor anyway. Simply don’t settle with the first option you come across because something more extravagant could be an excellent investment to make it more attractive to tenants or clients.

    Don’t Forget the Exterior

    Enough about the inside. Did you think about the outside yet?

    One of the best techniques to make your garage conversion work aesthetically is to make sure it blends in. Does it stick out like a sore thumb or can you use paint, roof tiles, window styles and other details to make it seem as inviting as the rest of your home?


    So did the picture in your mind change yet? Will your converted garage be the most luxurious place on the block? Or do these ideas spark more questions? Send us your thoughts, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

    Are you ready to start your garage conversion project?

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