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Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home, if your current kitchen is starting to look a little drab and you’d like to transform it into a space you are proud of, and typically help prop up the value of your home at the same time, a custom kitchen installation or remodel could be just what you need.

At Bristol Group Services, we have the skills and expertise to help you add value to your property. If you need help with a kitchen installation or extension in Bristol and would like more information, get in touch today and let us help make your dream kitchen a reality.

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    Want to Upgrade Property Value? 10 Ways a Kitchen Installation Helps

    Don’t even consider focusing on any other rooms. It’s well known in the property market that bathrooms and kitchens are first on the list when potential buyers vet homes. So if you want to make an impression, you need to upgrade these rooms.

    Here’s an important fact: You may have the latest in automated gates, doors or even a pool. But if those elements don’t matter to the people who view your home, they’re not worth the money you spent.

    But kitchens matter to everyone. So impress each person who walks through that door and makes sure your home sells fast.

    You’re Going Green

    Are you willing to go the extra mile? It’s the only way you’ll impress the property owners of tomorrow.

    The new generation—and more and more people of older generations too—want to know their living arrangements don’t impact the environment negatively. Green living features will, therefore, be a major selling point:

    • Solar panels to heat water
    • LED light fixtures
    • Energy saving appliances
    • Insulated walls and roof to minimise heat loss and lower energy usage

    Everyone wants to live this way, but it takes some effort to get there. Make it easy for them and buyers will be fighting each other to get your home.

    Open it Up

    This trend has been around for a while, and it seems it’s here to stay: Open plan homes.

    It’s fair to say an open plan design will draw more interested parties than a separate kitchen. Apart from the latter easily feeling cramped families love spending time together making food and going about their hobbies. It’s easier to connect with one another if a few different rooms flow into each other.

    More Floor Space

    Next on the priority list is space. Your current kitchen layout may not be the most efficient use of the available area. After years of living there you’re probably thinking “I wish this was over there” or “This is such a waste of space”.

    So make sure the next owners never feel that way.

    The best tip I can give you is to ask your kitchen remodeler for advice. These experts have seen it all and can identify problems instantly. Design the best use of space because spacious rooms sell faster than cramped ones.

    Important tip: The same guidelines relate to counter space because new owners need to know all their personal gadgets and appliances will easily fit in the new kitchen.

    Storage Solutions

    Space also relates to storage. You always want just one more cupboard right?

    Make a list of what you wish you had. Now try and include it in the plans for new kitchen installations.

    For storage, it’s also wise to ask the kitchen installation company for their input. You’re used to what the kitchen looks like. You need an objective opinion that can identify areas that can be optimised.

    Of Course Aesthetics Matter

    But it’s not only about the practicalities. New owners want to fall in love with what a kitchen looks like. They’ll be spending many hours in there, and they’re looking for:

    • Excellent workmanship
    • Beautiful finishes such as drawer handles, so they don’t have to replace them

    This is why it’s worth employing a vetted kitchen remodeler so you’ll get the best outcome. You may be satisfied with mediocre work by a kitchen installation company but will the buyers you’re trying to impress?

    Go Classic—Avoid Trendy

    Closely connected with aesthetics is the style you’re going to pick:

    • The flooring
    • The cupboard material and style
    • The roof
    • Edgings
    • Paint colours

    You’ll be tempted to follow the latest trends you see in design magazines but here’s a warning: It won’t work.

    Most people walking through your door will be looking for long-term housing. They know the trends of today will disappear tomorrow. If the room is too dramatic, they’ll have to get a kitchen installer to refurbish the room again.

    And how do you know the style you pick will suit their tastes? Rather keep it simple, use neutral hues and use classic features such as wood. You can’t go wrong with wood.

    Let in the Light

    This tip will also help improve the overall look of the kitchen. While you’re going to have a kitchen fitting company demolish some parts why not break down the wall too? An additional window or a skylight can add natural light which will impress in various ways:

    • The kitchen looks more spacious
    • Less light is needed, so you save energy during the day
    • Sunlight can add some warmth to a clinical space
    • The true colours of your décor will be seen

    Go Where No One Ever Looks

    Here’s something many home buyers do: They look into those nooks and crannies, not even you look at. That’s how they gauge if the house is well looked after. Rot in tiny damp cupboards signal some structural problems. That cupboard over the plumbing better be spotless when they open the door.

    The lesson? Don’t leave anything to chance. When you employ the kitchen conversion contractor make sure the team removes all items that can look suspect and replace it with brand new components. Don’t let the small details prevent a sale.

    Make it Modern

    When it’s time to put the kitchen pieces back together make sure you invest in the latest. This is one area you do need to look at trends.

    Built-in units such as ovens need to be state of the art and energy friendly. Your buyers want to know they’ll still get years of good service from the appliances they’re purchasing with the house.

    Automate it

    You live in the age of technology, and your new kitchen better shows it. Automation is not simply a fad, but something such as automated lights help home owners save energy too. Often it’s also a safety precaution which will score high with new families looking for their first home.

    Here’s one problem with attempting such a project: Your new kitchen may look and function so well that you won’t want to move anymore.

    Are you ready to start your dream kitchen installation project?

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