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A well-landscaped garden can not only add value to your property, and increase its curb appeal, but it can also help improve your overall well-being. By creating an outside space that you enjoy spending time in, can really help decrease your stress levels.

At Bristol Group Services, we have the skills and expertise to help you add value to your property and create an amazing outside entertaining space. If you’d like more information about our Bristol commercial landscaping services, get in touch today and let us help make your dream garden a reality.

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    Landscaping for Those Who Don’t Like Gardening—6 Tips Anyone Can Follow

    We don’t care how much you dislike gardening; you can’t completely ignore it. Perhaps many people wish they could simply cover the grassy areas with gravel or concrete, so they never have to cut that grass again.

    Please don’t.

    You may love the idea now, but tomorrow you’ll need a space to play with the kids. Or perhaps you need to sell that home, and the property hunters will be looking for green gardens, not grey ones.

    But don’t despair. We collected some of the best tips so gardening and landscaping can be effortless even for you.

    6 Reasons You Do Need Landscaping

    If you need some motivation to read more about garden design and construction I’m going to make it quick. There are definite reasons why landscape gardening must be part of each home owner’s priority list:

    • It adds to the value of your property in general
    • Curb appeal is vital if you’re trying to sell your home
    • Shade created by trees can minimise the energy you spend on your cooling costs
    • The governing body of the estate you live in may have requirements you need to adhere to
    • Spending time outside is good for your health
    • Plants and specifically flowers can have a positive effect on your mood

    Are you motivated now? Then let’s start.

    Tips for the Not so Passionate Landscaper

    Go Out and Buy a Tarp…Today

    What bothers you about gardening? I bet it’s because you don’t see the value of spending hours outside unless it is to relax. Then let’s make landscape maintenance as effortless as possible.

    Firstly it’s time to employ a residential landscape company to take care of the hard work and complicated stuff. Landscaping services can be used once off or for regular visits to maintain their creations.

    But if you’re going to take up the challenge to venture out more than usual go out and purchase a large piece of tarp. You’ll love all the applications, and you’ll see residential landscaping is not as bad as you thought it was:

    • Instead of pushing leaves and cut grass into bags, simply blow or rake it onto the tarp. Now it’s easy to pull towards the garbage area or load it on the back of your truck.
    • If you’re working with potting soil, you can protect your paving, so you don’t have to clean up afterward.

    We bet when the work goes a bit quicker you’ll love it more.

    Minimize Your Frustration—Purchase Quality Goods

    When looking at the handiwork of a landscaping company one is often inspired to maintain it. That’s the power of true art. And garden design and construction definitely takes talent & skill.

    Please don’t attempt maintenance with low-quality gardening equipment. When the first rake breaks, you’ll be pushed right back into your negative space.

    Quality items are investments because you’ll be using them for years to come.

    Limit Planting—Use Annuals and Evergreens

    If you don’t want to spend endless hours with your hands in the soil every year your solution is proper planning:

    • Add as many evergreens to your garden, so you don’t have to add something new at the start of every season.
    • Pick out annuals which will turn into great spots of colour for part of the year. They’re a better option than perennials that often take longer than a year to show off their blooms.

    This is like icing a cake. Get the first layer right and make it look neat. Then you can add as much—or as little—as you want.

    Your New Best Friend—Lighting

    It’s 100% fine to admit that you weren’t blessed with much creativity. That could be part of why landscape gardening simply doesn’t come naturally to you. So give the plants a break and add some tech to your garden.

    A simple garden can become a fairy tale space if you add some lights near trees, under shrubs or near a fountain. The light will reflect off the water droplets and in general light has the ability to create terrific atmosphere.

    And no you don’t have to ask your landscape professionals to install power outlets across your garden. Simple use mobile battery driven—or solar powered—units and place wherever you see fit.

    Handy tip: Often you think you’ll enjoy one area of the garden, but you discover your favourite spots only after a while. Portable lights allow you to light up different areas in your garden until you find your perfect spot from where you can watch the stars.

    Nothing Wrong With Some Hard Edges

    Don’t think I’m telling you not to use the hard edges such as rocks, gravel or your driveway. The way landscape professionals can mix hard, and soft landscaping solutions are what makes these experts so sought after. This is especially popular in commercial landscaping for a professional look.

    If you’re attempting landscaping on your own try these techniques:

    • Minimize your maintenance effort by exchanging some grassy areas for gravel
    • A pathway adds some character
    • Make your garden practical by placing a bench where you’ll love to sit
    • Break the monotony of a large space with something as simple as a huge rock

    See you don’t have to go to excessive lengths or even spend hours at the nursery.

    Let it Flow

    While you’re doing your best to mix up hard and soft landscaping features you should keep one thing in mind: Keep it simple.

    You don’t want to make your garden so complicated and cluttered with rocks & benches that it’s difficult to cut the grass. Cutting the lawn is going to happen often so make sure you can do it without stopping too often to move past or over obstacles.

    This takes us back to our first tip: Make it as easy as possible for yourself and you’re bound to love landscaping more than you thought you ever would.

    Are you ready to start your landscaping project?

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