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If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to add value to your home, a loft conversion could be just what you need. If your loft space is going unused, why not consider making use of that space, and converting it into an additional room or master suite.

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    Turn Your Loft into the Space You Need—4 Innovative Ideas

    It’s the room often used in movies to create mystery, suspense and scenes where secrets are discovered. Because that’s what you do with attics and lofts, right? You simply store all your clutter there.

    Why? You’re ignoring one of the prime features of your home. If you were a trained real estate agent or interior decorator, you would have transformed it already.

    So let’s help you. Instead of a home extension, you should consider a loft conversion as your next home project. This is what you can gain.

    7 Interesting Room Ideas for Your Attic

    Part of why we leave these unique spaces to their own devices is because we don’t realise what they are perfect for. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Read through and then pick the one your home needs most at the moment.

    The Get Away Room

    Lofts are great for storage because you can put everything far away from the neatness of the rest of your home. But don’t you often wish you can get away from everything too?

    A loft can be a perfect reading nook, ‘man-cave’ or children’s play area. You can enjoy your novel there while the rest of the family watches movies. Or children can keep themselves busy if you’re entertaining adults downstairs.

    Neither of these activities requires huge spaces so why won’t your loft suffice?

    The Office Upstairs

    Can you stand upright in your loft? The moment you have this luxury it opens up many possibilities. The ideal option is moving your home’s office upstairs.

    Here are a few features that make converting a loft into an office perfect. But even if you don’t have these features yet a loft conversion can include renovations to create them:

    • A loft’s windows can allow a lot of natural light during the day.
    • A high ceiling creates the illusion of space which usually sparks creativity.
    • With it being removed from the rest of the house you won’t have to block out so much noise as when you’re working at the kitchen table.

    Once again you don’t need huge amounts of space since you won’t be moving around much. A narrow loft is perfect since you can create a spacious desk along the side. Can you imagine yourself brainstorming there yet?

    Storage Solutions

    And perhaps you really have a very tiny loft where you risk head injuries if you stand up too quickly. If you don’t have the budget or space to expand the lof,t, it can still serve you well.

    What about cupboards?

    Tip: Invite the carpenter of the local loft conversion company to visit you. These experts’ years of experience allow them to identify the potential of a room the moment they walk—or crawl—inside.

    Here are ideas you may overlook but which they will love creating for you:

    • If there isn’t enough space to have doors that open, why not have sliding ones? In this way, ev,en a cupboard under an eave can provide you with some new storage nooks.
    • Why take up space if items can hang freely? Your guests won’t move through this room so you can use it for whatever is needed even if your personal items are technically still out on the open. Why not hang your winter coats from existing pipes in the ceiling or piping you install yourself? A contractor can paint it and ensure that it will carry the weight.

    Remember this is a unique space so try out a few unique ideas.

    Fairytale Bedroom

    How about converting a loft into a bedroom?

    The Spare Bedroom

    This can be your plan B when family or friends sleep over. Built in bunk beds can conceal storage areas and provide beds to everyone who visits.

    The Main Bedroom

    This is probably the last thing you would have considered but it could be your best idea yet. Who doesn’t want a room with a view and ultimate privacy? So why not turn this space into your master bedroom?

    It will require some more work and plumbing if you want an en-suite bathroom. But do you realise instead of a home extension project you may simply need to do a renovation?

    This makes loft conversions not only quaint ideas but money saving solutions for smaller homes.

    How to Get There

    This is one of the most exciting parts of the project: The stairs.

    Perhaps you currently simply have a hole in your roof and you need to get your ladder from the shed every time you want to get up there. Include a ladder in your budget of your loft conversion cost and make sure it’s a practical but also aesthetically pleasing option:

    • A retractable ladder keeps it private and you can ensure small children don’t sneak up there without your knowledge.
    • Add a French design metal staircase for the ultimate in stylish décor.

    The most important consideration is ensuring there’s headroom so you don’t injure yourself when you get to the top

    A Few Practical Guidelines

    You’re probably looking at your small attic and you’re not quite seeing the final product yet. Don’t give up yet. You only need to page through a design magazine to realize how décor, slight changes by a loft conversion company and paint can affect a space. And it probably isn’t as small as you think it is.

    That ugly brick wall you don’t know how to cover can bring character to the room. The contrast between the rough surface and modern furniture is what modern décor trends are all about.

    The benefit of changing a loft into the room you want is that you often don’t need permission. It’s already built, so, it’s much different than doing a home extension. Important: Communicate with the local authorities because plans and permission may be necessary if you do extensions or install plumbing.

    You’ll love that all the work happens upstairs so you can continue with daily living while your new space is being renovated. But at some stage, it will impact the downstairs such as when new ladders or bannisters are installed.

    Also, consider how sound will travel. If you need it sound proof, you must put that on the to do list for the loft conversion contractor before the project starts.

    What lofty ideas did you come up with while reading this?

    Are you ready to start your loft conversion project?

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