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Sometimes, when you’re on the hunt for your dream home, you can’t quite tick all your ‘must-have’ boxes, rather than settling for something that doesn’t quite match what you had in mind, a new build home could be a great option.

At Bristol Group Services, we have the skills and expertise to help make your dream home a reality. If you’re looking for a builder in Bristol or Somerset, and would like more information about our new build home options, get in touch today.

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    Building Your Dream Home at Last? 4 Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

    At one stage you may have owned a doll house or a tree house. And now it’s time to level up to the adult version.

    But it’s not as easy, is it?

    Moving into your custom built home is going to be one of the best moments of your life. But before you get there, you’re going to face some major challenges along with your house building contractor.

    In saying this, we’re not only referring to builders’ mistakes, struggling to get the perfect paint colour or managing your budget. Your own mindset will be a deciding factor whether your home will ever be realised or remotely be what you’ve dreamt about.

    Whether you’re planning a new home or simply need a detached home builder to develop your premises, take a few minutes and scan through the tips below. It could be what you need to make your upcoming project a memorable one instead of a nightmare.

    Home Building Tips Everyone Needs

    Be Prepared for Mistakes

    Even before you start the project, you should accept that you’re going to have mistakes. Unfortunately, while you’re a home builder, a mistake will mean you’ll have more expenses.

    How do you solve this dilemma? Budget for it.

    A part of your budget must be allocated to unforeseen circumstances:

    • Weather damage
    • Dogs or kids damaging a wall when you go to look at the property
    • Plumbers forgetting to install pipes and you have to purchase new cladding for a wall

    There is so much that can go wrong. Like most people you probably expect builders to take longer than they promise to. It’s a cliché but unfortunately very true. Some of this ‘wasted’ time can be attributed to fixing mistakes, and you’re the one that must make provision for it.

    Are You Sure It’s What You Want?

    It’s worth it to take a little longer before you start the actual building. This will save you money in the long run if you take the time to consider every small detail.

    Many families waste precious parts of their budgets on changing their minds mid-build. Any changes you require of the house building contractor after the building has started will influence your budget.

    Some experts advise you to walk through the plan of your house over and over again. Don’t simply imagine how the walls will look but also where your furniture will be placed. And if there’s the slightest thought of wanting something different you must act on it. That thought will grow in your mind, and one day you’ll wake up and want it changed. Then it may be too late.

    How Realistic are Your Timelines?

    Where are you staying at the moment and what are your arrangements about moving out?

    Firstly know that the timelines for a new construction home builder are very fluid. You can’t predict exactly when your home will be ready since something as unpredictable as weather can affect the process. What’s the solution? Don’t give notice at your current rental too soon.

    When you do see the end is in sight it’s your chance to plan a very organised and practical transition:

    • Book a certain day for taking the keys from the house building company
    • Organise the day for handing over your current home’s keys a week later
    • Use the seven days to move in your furniture bit by bit instead of depositing all your clutter at once
    • Only take what you know you want in your new home
    • Use the excess time to clean the old house properly for the new occupants

    Being a custom house builder is already difficult enough. Don’t add tension to the process by not planning that last chapter well.

    Should You Play Project Manager?

    It’s so tempting. You know what you want so why can’t you take on the role of project manager throughout the project?

    This may seem like a novel idea but do you realise all the skills necessary to be a dynamic team leader in a building project?

    • Are you aware of legislation regarding buildings so you can do paperwork, acquire permits and get your building certified as safe?
    • The only way you’ll get excellent prices is when you know the right people. This applies to labour costs, building materials and equipment. You may save some money by not paying a contractor, but you’ll spend more on other aspects of the project.
    • Can you manage the logistics of supplying building material on time while still handling your day job?
    • You’ll need to foresee the problems we mentioned above, so they don’t take place.

    The other mistake is taking over even if there is a contractor. Perhaps you think it’s acceptable to tell workers what to do when the contractor isn’t there. This could lead to mistakes or conflict between parties on site.

    What’s your solution? Delegate that role to someone in the know and keep to your decision.

    Tips if You’re Buying a New Build

    Do you want to sidestep the effort of building a new home yourself? A great alternative is to simply purchase a new build. These are popular; they often have benefits such as being green-friendly because that’s what developers know the market wants.

    But buying a new build also comes with a few pitfalls so let’s make sure you don’t fall into one of them:

    • Did you know you may not have to pay the stated price? Developers are usually open to negotiation, but you’ll have to initiate the conversation.
    • Your home won’t be exactly as the one you view on show day. There will be differences such as whether your plot is level, how much noise you’ll have to contend with and how much light will reach it past the trees.
    • Don’t assume anything and ask a lot of questions. You may think the builders will ensure you have a beautiful grassy garden but perhaps that’s your responsibility.

    It’s a more effortless option but definitely not problem free so ensure you stay one step ahead at all times.

    Are you ready to start your new home build?

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