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At Bristol Group Services we are aware that many older properties just need a little work to bring them back to their former glory. We are equally aware that certain properties need a considerable investment to bring them up to meet your expectations. Property renovations and building restoration can be hard work, especially if you don’t have the right experience and equipment. We are able to remove the majority of that burden and work closely with you to complete your vision.

Whether you require a small general repair or a complete overhaul, we have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goal. If you’d like more information regarding our house renovation and refurbishment solutions, get in touch today!

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    The #1 Way to Increase Your Home’s Value—Renovations & Refurbishments

    How many of us end up living in our dream homes? If you’ve found yours, you probably want to sell your current home quick. But what if your current property needs work and isn’t quite ready to hit the market?

    All you need is a renovation project to help you create the dream home someone else will be willing to pay a little extra for.

    And we promise it’s not as difficult as you think.

    Renovations to Prioritize

    When you hear the word ‘renovation’, you probably imagine piles of dust and debris throughout your home. That’s a bit dramatic.

    Property refurbishment includes a range of projects that can quickly lift your home’s value, and not all of them affect the comfort you live in.

    Here are a few ideas.

    The Basics: Roofs and Floors

    You’ll be surprised how much property agents—and potential buyers—value the roof & the floor of your home. If you can give these aspects a new lease on life, you’ll feel as if you’re living in a brand new home. More importantly, visiting buyers will feel the same.

    Handy tip: If it’s too pricey to change your floors simply make sure the rest of the room fits in with your floor design.

    Create Space

    When you look at homes to buy you probably plan where all your personal belongings will go. Is there enough floor space and will the cupboards be big enough? Every person who looks at your home will consider exactly that. So make sure you enhance this feature if you want a quick sell.


    Perhaps the original builders only installed the bare minimum. But now you know which rooms can do with some more space, so get creative. The next owners will love it if they don’t have to deal with your current frustration.

    Here’s an example: Can you adjust the kitchen furniture to accommodate even more cupboards?


    A home quickly feels cramped if there’s no flow through your rooms. Perhaps you have too many objects blocking this movement. If you take out the island in the kitchen, it may feel twice the size.

    Can You Become Greener?

    Here’s what all new homeowners are looking for: Environmentally friendly features.

    You want potential buyers to imagine still living in your home ten years from now. So what does the property renovation need to add to your home to make it future compliant?

    • Insulated walls or roofs that require less electricity for air conditioning
    • Solar panels for heating water
    • Light fittings that accommodate LED bulbs
    • Add a green roof both as insulation and to promote wildlife on your premises

    Light is Your Friend

    Here you need to think of three important things:

    • Light entering: You need windows if you want your home to light up. No one wants to live in a dungeon-like environment. If you’re planning an entire house refurbishment try to put as many windows as possible into the plans.
    • Connect with nature: The by-product of having many windows is that you allow nature to be part of your home. Yes, you have a house to protect you from the elements, but everyone wants to enjoy the beauty of trees, flowers and the sky. So make sure your visiting buyers will glimpse these as they walk through your home.
    • Light colours: Perhaps you don’t have the space to install a large bay window. But you will pick paint colours during a home remodel process. This gives you the opportunity to use light hues for your benefit. You can enhance the impact of the light shining through the glass panels if you simply paint the window edges lighter than the rest of the room.

    A pretty cool tactic, right?

    First Impressions Last

    What do you notice first when you stop in front of a house? You’ll look at the garden, but then your eyes automatically drift to the front door. So this is where your house renovation costs turn into valuable investments.

    Remember your house renovation company has done this work countless times before. So asking them for advice means you dip into a well of wisdom:

    • How would the house renovation contractor change your front door to impress a buyer?
    • What is the budget wise option to improve the overall look of the entrance and foyer?
    • What are the current styles that home owners want? Just remember to pick timeless designs that will always have value.

    If you simply need to give your home a better overall look, you may want to change how people feel when they enter your rooms. These first impressions can be managed by changing your doors’ aesthetics during a house renovation.

    If the entire room is painted the same colour it can feel too overwhelming and even oppressive. Now simply ask the property renovation company to mix the doors’ paint slightly lighter.

    The lighter colours will draw in light, give the room dimension and impress the person entering.

    You can imagine this is quite a budget-friendly option to transform your home. And that’s the power of a smart home remodel plan.


    Many house hunters’ priority is getting quality bathrooms. You can imagine the effort of extending a house renovation to these rooms. Lifting tiles, changing plumbing and keeping the look in line with modern trends require a lot of effort.

    So if your home is up to date, it instantly has more value than the outdated one down the street.

    If you’re doing this on a budget, a few small changes can also impress. Here’s an example: Everyone wants a high-pressure shower. If your home renovation contractor can help you get this right your bathroom will already seem more attractive.


    Is it worth the effort? Definitely. You know the lengths you’ll go to to get that dream home of yours. And if you can change a few small things on your property it will turn into the house someone else is dreaming about: Practical, beautiful…home.

    Are you ready to start your next home renovation project?

    Bristol Group Services can assist clients across the South West including Bristol, Bath, Wells, Glastonbury, Frome, Trowbridge, Shepton Mallet and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about how our home renovation and refurbishment solutions can add value to your property, request a quote by clicking the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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