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Unfortunately, roofs only have a finite lifespan. Exposed to the elements day in, day out, your roof takes quite a battering. Sometimes, if your roof is in pretty good shape overall, a simple roof repair may be all you need. If however, your roof has seen better days, and there’s evidence of sagging, an entire roof replacement will likely be the better option.

At Bristol Group Services, we have the skills and expertise to help keep your roof in tip-top condition. If you’re looking for a roofer in Bristol, or need a roof repair and would like more information about our roofing and roof repair services, get in touch today.

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    The Comprehensive Guide to Looking After Your Roof

    Please don’t think this is one of those tasks you watch documentaries about and then forget about it. You can’t neglect roofing repair and maintenance unless you want to incur many unnecessary expenses.

    Our suggestion: Make a checklist of the items below, keep it in your diary and become a pro at looking after your roof. When you see how many problems you’re preventing you’ll wish you started doing this earlier.

    Let’s Talk Maintenance

    The only way you can prevent needing a roofing specialist at regular intervals during the year is if you’re going to do your part. There will be times when a roofing contractor will be necessary. You may need professional help to handle leaking roof repairs or other complicated problems.

    But it only takes a few activities to keep these times to a minimum. Here we go.

    Is This On Your Schedule?

    When last did you check your roof for problems? The worst time to get on that ladder and check the roof surface is when there’s already a problem. You need to get in there beforehand.

    The experts tell you to schedule this at least twice a year. And I’m not talking about standing in your garden and looking upwards. Get that ladder and go to work:

    • Check the surface for cracks or holes depending on the type of roof you have
    • Look at the flashing for any problems
    • Go inside the house and make sure you don’t see any damp areas that could be a clue that the roof is leaking
    • Get inside the roof if you can and look for problems there too such as rodents chewing away at your rafters

    While you can do much of this on your own, we would advise employing a roofing specialist from time to time. These experts identify a problem—such as rodents—even before it becomes a crisis. And that’s what this exercise and roof repair is: Preventative measures, so you don’t have to spend more on your roof than you need to.

    Get Into Those Gutters

    Here’s one of the biggest culprits when it comes to roofs: Gutters.

    These need to be cleaned regularly, so leaves and debris don’t block the water running through. This could lead to rust or wood rotting.

    How to Clean the Right Way

    Here’s an interesting thing many home owners get wrong: Power cleaning.

    Did you know your favourite cleaning tool that works great on your paving can do more damage than good on your roof construction? The force of a power cleaning tool can damage paint, shingles or the structure.

    Unfortunately, this means you and the roofing company will be doing a lot of the cleaning manually.

    During your cleaning session make sure you clear away all moss and algae. You may like the rustic look but these plants will encourage rot and can even lift up shingles if left to grow.

    Painting Isn’t Always a Good Idea

    We often believe very dangerous urban legends, or we follow the example of previous generations who did more harm than good. This occasionally applies to roof painting.

    Painting the surface may add some aesthetic value, and perhaps you believe it’s part of responsible home ownership. But getting a roof repair contractor to paint your shingles too often can lead to them becoming worn down by ingredients in the paint.

    If your roof looks bad, it may be time for a replacement by a roofer instead.

    What’s Happening Under the Tiles?

    As mentioned above your responsibility is not only about the exterior but the inside as well. The reason why you need to prioritise this is because your roof needs a lot of ventilation if you want it to keep in good condition.

    These steady drafts ensure that moisture and heat don’t lead to bigger problems such as mould & rot. Apart from causing leaks your entire roof structure could be affected. That’s a prime example of how too little maintenance leads to high costs paid to roofing companies.

    Stand Back—What Do You See?

    Here’s one more thing you can’t ignore during your checks: Anything that is near to your roof.

    This can include:

    • Trees and their branches
    • Creepers
    • Temporary structures

    A branch’s consistent scraping or a structure that topples over can irreparably damage your roof. Alternatively, they could trap moisture or keep areas so moist that wood eventually rots. The wise solution is to keep your roof clear of all these.

    Tip: You may need a tree expert along with the roofing company for those yearly checks.

    When It’s Time for Roof Replacement

    Of course, your roof won’t keep forever. Very few construction materials will so don’t feel you’re doing something wrong if you do need to get up there and replace a part of even the entire roof.

    Do know that when it’s time, there are many ways you can do this better than your neighbours. Here are some tips to make sure you have the best looking house in the street:

    • Pitched roofs are better than flat roofs because there’s less chance of it developing leaks. As a bonus, a pitched roof has aesthetic value too.
    • Don’t accept the cheapest quote you get. The difference between a good roof’s life cycle and a low-quality one can be as much as 20 years so investing now saves you more in the long run.
    • Don’t try to cut corners by combining your old shingles with new ones. Often this can lead to leaks. Rather start from scratch and know you have a problem free roof for years to come.

    Creative Tip of the Day

    If you’re going to make big changes such as doing an entire roof replacement, why stop there? What about adding a skylight to one of your rooms:

    • It’s the perfect way to make a dark kitchen seem sunnier
    • Add some warmth to your living room or bathroom for winter days
    • Save on electricity when you require less air conditioning

    Yes, one of these can work anywhere and now is the perfect time to get one.

    Are you ready to start your roof repair or replacement?

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